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The best pickpocket-proof backpack
Backpack for laptop up to 14 “XD Design Bobby Compact is the second generation of the smaller” anti-theft “backpack. Despite the fact that the dimensions of the product have become smaller, thanks to the thoughtful arrangement and arrangement of the compartments, everything that may be useful during the day will fit.
Living in a big city is a challenge. Every day up to 400,000 pickpockets occur in the world, and, unfortunately, no one is immune from this. Nobody except the owner of the unique Bobby Compact backpack from XD Design.
Bobby Compact is a logical continuation of the line of super reliable backpacks from thieves and weather adversity. The original Bobby model just blew up Kickstarter, where it attracted a lot of fans due to its specially developed anti-thief construction, ergonomic design, weight distribution system, LED strips and (even!) USB port for charging your phone!
The younger brother is not inferior to the original version in anything, even surpasses it in the number of colors. So everyone can choose a model to their taste and color. Everything is thought out to the smallest detail in this backpack, from the special attachment to suitcases for travelers to the original YKK zipper.
The XD Design’s backpack was inspired by the bustling, crowded streets of Shanghai for thieves. Worried about the safety of their belongings, passers-by wore a backpack on their stomach. Then the idea was born to create a unique backpack against thieves, which does not even have a hint of external pockets and zippers.
How can you get to the contents of a backpack if it doesn’t have a zipper? At first glance, it seems that the backpack does not open at all. This is the uniqueness of the design. Despite all the secrecy, there are still a few external pockets. However, they are so encrypted that only the owner of the Bobby Compact itself knows about them.
The main compartment zipper runs right along the edge of the back of the backpack itself and is hidden under the fabric fold. The unique concept allows the backpack to be opened at three different angles: 30 °, 90 °, 180 °. For easy and quick access, for example, to a notebook or tablet, it is enough to open the backpack at an angle of 30 °, holding it by the top handle. By fully unzipping the zip, you can open the backpack 90 ° to access the essentials for work or training. If you want to get something very large out of your backpack or you are preparing for a trip, then just put it down and open it like a suitcase 180 ° and use the entire space of the backpack. There is also a small zippered pocket inside which you can hide your passport or other securities or belongings.
To protect the backpack from crushing and attempts to cut the material, the developers have applied the effect of layering. Five layers of different types of materials were used to create a solid structure. The top layer is a stylish polyester fabric. The fabric from which the sides and front of the backpack are made are waterproof. Any dirt can be wiped off with a damp cloth, and for additional protection from heavy rain, a waterproof cover is provided in the kit. A layer of outer fabric is followed by a layer of soft material that protects the insides from impacts and squeezing, and then several layers of fabric, providing additional reliability. Basic notch protection is guaranteed by the insertion of a polypropylene sheet in front of the lining.
In addition to the most functional backpack, the scope of delivery includes a spacious and versatile bag for everyday shopping. Also included is a miniature version of the backpack that can be used as a wallet or as a case for small accessories.
The organization of the compartments inside the backpack is thought out to the smallest detail. The heaviest – laptop and tablet – are located in adjacent compartments of different sizes on the back. The large compartment easily accommodates 14 “laptops up to 30mm thick. The adjacent tablet compartment measures 210 x 225 mm.
Bobby Compact is more intended for everyday use and not so distant travel, therefore, inside there are additionally rubber clips for a thermo mug or a bottle of water, a camera and a double pocket with two compartments: with a zipper and without. You can put headphones, wallet, pencil case and more in it.
If you carry gadgets with you all day, then they will certainly need recharging, which is very problematic when there are no outlets nearby. To do this, the Bobby Compact has a highlight that many have loved – a USB port (output – 2.4A) on the right shoulder strap. Inside the backpack, it turns into a wire to which you can (even need to) connect an external battery. There is also a spacious zippered compartment for the power bank. It’s a pity, of course, but the package does not include an external battery, in fact, as well as a charging cable for connecting your smartphone to a USB port.
Traveling by public transport, it is very problematic and inconvenient to look for a wallet or a travel ticket at the very bottom of the backpack. To make our life as easy as possible, the designers of the backpack provided it with pockets for quick access. Each shoulder strap has quick access pockets for cards and a travel card. There is also a zippered pocket on the back of the backpack, in which you can hide your phone, keys or documents. There are also two small zippered compartments hidden on the inner side of the fenders, from which the adjustable backpack straps extend.
There are reflectors in three zones on the backpack: two on the sides, on top and on the front side. Reflectors shine evenly over the entire 360 ​​°, no matter from which side the light source was. You will be visible already at a distance of 100 meters.
The well-thought-out organization of the departments allows you to correctly distribute weight and reduce the load on the shoulders. The heaviest items are located closest to the back, and strong baffles between the compartments prevent weight from moving when moving. So the weight of the Bobby Compact is 20-25% lighter than when using standard backpack models. Maximum comfort is achieved by special finishing of the back and shoulder straps: the ventilated soft material will not let your back sweat or get tired even from the day wearing the backpack over your shoulders.
Bobby fasteners – an original zipper from the world famous Japanese brand YKK, complemented by a stylish slider with the XD Design logo. Often, it is the quality of the fittings that largely determines the service life of the product itself. In this case, the backpack will serve for many, many years. Travel for your own pleasure! Thanks to the well-thought-out strap on the back of the Bobby Compact, it is very convenient to attach it to the handle of a suitcase.
Technical details
Volume 11 l
Full protection against pickpockets, do not open, do not cut
Reflective stripes
Compartment for laptop diagonal: 14 “, size: 250 x 290-360 x 30 mm
Tablet compartment diagonal: 9 “, size: 210 x 225 mm
Internal zip pocket 200 x 100 mm
Hidden side pockets size 50 x 190 mm
Camera pocket length 120 mm
Water bottle pocket length 80 mm
Suitcase strap
Material propylene, polyester
USB port
Size 300 x 400 x 160 mm
Weight 820 g
Laptop Backpack XD Design Bobby Compact
Waterproof cover
Wallet case for small accessories
Foldable everyday shopping bag

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polyester / propylene


gray / pink

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