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The best pickpocket-proof backpack
The XD Design Bobby XL is an oversized version of the popular XD Design Bobby anti-theft backpack. Bobby backpacks are specially designed for life in the big city and are suitable for both everyday use and travel. Like the first model, the XD Design Bobby XL is equipped with an anti-theft system, built-in USB port for charging gadgets and reflective stripes. The backpack is thought out to the smallest detail: the material used is fabric that cannot be torn or cut, the zippers are hidden, and the weight of the luggage is taken 20% lighter thanks to the competent organization of the internal compartments.
The Bobby XL is the perfect backpack for long trips. It has become larger, so that it contains more things, which is useful for suddenly prolonged travels. The XD Design Bobby XL is equipped with two compartments for gadgets: for a laptop up to 17 “and for a tablet up to 10”.
When creating the first Bobby, designers were inspired by the bustling and crowded streets of Shanghai. There, people wore their backpacks on their belly so that no one could get to their belongings in the crowd. Thieves are not afraid of the Bobby XL backpack – its zipper is hidden from prying eyes and, at first glance, it seems that it does not exist at all. The peculiarity of the zipper is that it goes along the very edge of the back, so that it is not visible from the outside.
The design of the backpack allows you to open it at three different angles:
30 ° – for easy access to a tablet, laptop or other gadgets;
90 ° – for access to volumetric objects;
180 ° – for convenient packing of all things.
The quality of the fittings plays an important role in a backpack and often largely determines its service life. The original zipper from the world famous Japanese brand YKK, which is complemented by a slider with the XD Design logo, acts as the fasteners for the Bobby XL. YKK zippers not only provide easy opening and closing of the backpack, but also its long service life.
Attackers will not only be able to open the backpack, but also cut it open. When creating Bobby XL, the developers applied the multi-layer effect: the upper layer of the backpack is made of water-repellent polyester, then there is a layer of soft material that protects against impacts, and then several layers of fabric for additional reliability. In addition to a soft insert, a plastic insert protects the contents of the backpack from damage during a fall or collision.
The XD Design Bobby XL holds everything that can be useful both during a normal day and while traveling. It is larger than the original Bobby and features compartments for a 17 “laptop and 10” tablet. In addition to them, you can distribute a spare jacket or windbreaker, books and various writing utensils, a bottle of water, chargers, headphones and much more in different compartments.
Bobby XL has a carefully thought-out organization of internal compartments, thanks to which the weight of the things folded into it is perceived 20-25% less. In a backpack, heavy objects are located closest to the back, and rigid partitions between the compartments do not allow the contents to mix with each other. To keep the back from getting tired and sweating throughout the day, the back of the backpack has soft ventilated inserts. The same inserts are also present on the shoulder straps.
Everything is thought out in the XD Design Bobby XL backpack so that you can move around the city in comfort. On the inside of the shoulder strap there is a pocket for quick access to a travel card, bank card or keys. There are also two secret pockets on the back of the backpack, where you can put important documents or a smartphone.
Especially for those who spend a lot of time on the road, the backpack has a built-in USB port. Just connect your portable battery to it from the inside – and the backpack turns into a power source, allowing you to charge your smartphone, tablet or other gadget on the go.
The developers thought not only about comfort, but also about the user’s safety. On the front, on top and on the sides of the backpack are reflectors that shine 360 ​​° and allow you to see you already at a distance of 100 meters.
For those traveling with a lot of luggage, the Bobby XL has a wide strap on the back, allowing it to be conveniently fastened to the suitcase handle.
Technical details
Volume 15 liters
Compartment for laptop diagonal: 17 “, size: 300 x 355-430 x 35 mm
Tablet compartment diagonal: 12.9 “, size: 300 x 275-310 x 10 mm
Anti-cut multi-layer fabric
Moisture protection
Materials propylene, polyester
Weight distribution system (perceived 20-25% lighter than when using standard backpack models)
Reflective stripes
Concealed shoulder pocket
Secret pockets on the back 2 pcs.
Suitcase strap
USB port for charging devices
Zippers from YKK
Ventilated back
Vented shoulder straps
Can be opened at three angles 30 °, 90 ° or 180 °
Size 380 x 470 x 170 mm
Weight 900 g

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polyester / propylene


the black

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