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Bobby Urban is the latest generation of anti-theft city backpacks from the Dutch firm XD Design. Bobby Urban is slightly larger than other backpacks from XD Design, which means it can hold more useful things for every day. The zipper of the backpack has a unique design called a rolltop: the top edge is rolled up together with the zipper, and the corners are joined together, after which the whole thing is closed with a combination lock. Thus, it will not be possible to open the main compartment, even if you left the backpack unattended: at first glance, it does not have a zipper at all.
In the creation of Bobby Urban, composite Anti-cut technology, unique for textile production, was used. Cut resistant material is a combination of ultra high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE), fiberglass and high strength polyester. All of these fabrics have been combined to create an advanced cut-resistant material that is only found in Bobby Urban. The strength of UHMWPE is 15% higher than steel and 40% higher than Kevlar.
The convenient arrangement of pockets and compartments allows you to keep all things in order: Bobby includes a 15.6 “laptop (there is a special pocket for it), documents, gadgets, a bottle for water and other things necessary for the day. RFID-protected. In addition, on the outside of the Bobby Urban there is a lacing to secure the ball, so that the backpack will be an excellent solution for athletes. Bobby Urban is suitable for urban conditions as well as for travel. Comfortable adjustable shoulder straps and a dense backrest do not even leave your back tired. after a long day on your feet Spacious side pocket for storing a bottle of water or a folded umbrella.
Technical details
Volume: 27 l
Anti-theft: flexible zip, combination lock, multi-layer anti-cut fabric
RFID read and copy protection
Water resistance
Lacing to secure the ball
Laptop compartment: 15.6 ”diagonal, size: 270 x 360 x 30mm
Tablet compartment diagonal: 12.9 “, size: 270 x 320 x 15 mm
Side pocket: 150 x 180 mm, fits a water bottle ∅ 80 mm
Mesh pocket 1: 130 x 200 x 15 mm
Mesh pocket 2: 130 x 200 x 15 mm
Material: propylene, polyester
Size: 64x32x15 cm
Weight: 1000g
XD Design Bobby Urban Backpack

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